Auricular or Ear Reflexology

Ear Reflexology or Auricular reflexology treatment

Originates from Auricular Therapy & Ear Acupuncture, forms of acupressure techniques using hands, ear seeds & probes on the Ear. Reflex points on the ears correspond to every area of the body. Sensitive points only appear when there is some physical or functional disorder in the part of the body represented by that region of the ear. This sensitivity changes as the imbalance in the body changes & they diminish as health is restored


It is a safe, simple & effective treatment that is relaxing & energising, aids with pain relief & balances the body. Auricular reflexology can be used for most conditions or disorders & is particularly effective for pain relief & to combat joint stiffness

The results of Auricular Reflexology are quick & can be used alone or with Foot, Hand or Facial Reflexology as a synergistic treatment; working the same reflex linking the feet to hands to face to ears.

Seeding a Point in the Ear

As part of your treatment, you may have an ear seed placed on a point in your ear. These seeds come already placed on a flesh coloured adhesive plaster. Seeds are left in place for 3-5 days. The client will be asked to press the seed 3-4 times per day for a few minutes at a time.

Auricular reflexology, ear seeding in ear reflexoloy to help ease aches and pains in the body.