Your Treatment

Treatment is received in the treatment chair, fully clothed, with shoes and socks off. Feet will be cleansed and then gentle massage applied to a reflex point using fingers, mostly thumb, in a bent position. The pressure is maintained for a few moments before being released. Heavy pressure is avoided as it is unnecessary to the healing process.


You may feel different sensations in your feet (or hands) during treatment. Sometimes you might just be aware of pressure being applied whilst other times there may be a slight "sharpness" or "tenderness" in the foot. The varying degrees of comfort to discomfort felt correlate to differing imbalances in the body. In other words, the sharper the discomfort the more out of balance the corresponding body part.

Generally, I will not feel the sensations you experience through the treatment, so will rely on your feedback to know which areas feel tender. Sometimes when working on the feet, I may feel "gritty" areas of deposits which settle on a reflex point causing a blockage in the energy zone. The massage causes them to be dispersed thus clearing and rebalancing the system.


A session will normally last an hour. However, the first session will be slightly longer (90 mins) as I will take your medical history in order to tailor the treatment to your precise needs. 


Foot reflexology to help combat stress and aid relaxation.